Tom Simon (superversive) wrote,
Tom Simon

Lord Talon’s Revenge: Free with coupon till August 10

From now until midnight Friday, August 10, I’m making Lord Talon’s Revenge free with a coupon at Smashwords. Add the book to your cart in the normal way, and when you proceed to the checkout, enter this coupon code:


The book does still have that slight formatting problem in Chapter 21, where parts of the text may display in Times Roman instead of your chosen font. Consider this my apology — the best I can do, short of unpublishing the book. I am still working to resolve the issue with Smashwords, but they are growing so fast that their tech support staff are snowed under. If you download the free version now, you’ll be able to get the corrected version for free later.

If you like it, tell your friends. Blog it, tweet it, or best of all, leave reviews.

For those who have already paid your $3.99, alas, I can’t refund that. But email me, tomsimon {at} bondwine {dot} com, and I’ll see that you get a free copy of one of my next two books — forthcoming as soon as the capable Sarah Huntrods (sarah_dimento) gets the cover art ready.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support.
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