Tom Simon (superversive) wrote,
Tom Simon

From the Wardhall Grammary: On Nature

More from the Filthy Screed:

The Wardhall Grammary, in its inerrant truthfulness and spasmodic brilliance, offers these sage words on the subject of Nature:

‘This word is seldom used correctly, but there is widespread agreement as to its misuse. Two schools of thought are generally current: those who say that Man is a part of Nature, and those who deny it. The former frequently use the phrase human nature, meaning that their peculiar and vicious habits are to be excused because Nature is their author. The latter talk largely of preserving or protecting Nature, meaning that the plans, professions, and even the lives of their opponents are contrary to Nature and must therefore be abolished. Some adepts are sufficiently agile to belong to both schools simultaneously. For these, Nature is both a cloak of virtue for themselves and a stick with which to beat their enemies.’
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